Europe’s racism..lots of double standards! “ pretext of human rights” By: Mubarak Al-Khayare

It is no secret that Europe has launched an unprecedented campaign against organizing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and everyone knows that this campaign is racist and fascist against Arabs and Muslims under the pretext of human rights With a lots of obvious double standards ..! But It seems that countries such as France and Germany have forgotten their racist, fascist, tyrannical history that extends through the ages!!
who among us forgets the crimes of Europe and what they represent of the tyrannical face of racism, murder and tyranny? Who among us can forget the organized crime scenarios that stained the blood of the poor, the needy and the helpless in Africa and abroad, especially the London tunnels, and the millions of Indians who died there.

We cant turn blind eye for what France has done of crimes in Africa, past and present, most recently in Mali, or Germany’s crimes and its enslavement of African workers until now?
In some detail, we stop at German crimes, including in Namibia, where Berlin admitted that its soldiers committed genocide in Namibia during German colonialism at the end of the 19th century, or Paris’ responsibility in the civil war in Rwanda and the ethnic cleansing of its minorities.

And with facts that do not lie, the first genocide of the Germans in the twentieth century appears, after which massacres and exterminations continued in different years of the same century, as a result of which millions were killed and displaced.

In 1904, the Herero people revolted against the German settlers after they were deprived of their lands and livestock, in a rebellion during which about a hundred settlers were killed. Twenty years ago, Serb forces took control of Srebrenica, a Bosnian town full of refugees promised protection by the international community, but only five days later, 8,000 of them were killed, simply because they embraced a different faith.

The questions that followed that How could a genocide like that occur in the heart of Europe? And what made people hate each other so much that they could justify the cold-blooded slaughter of 8,000 people? Was there really a place for Islam and Muslims in Europe? As for France, it suffices that it has announced through its President Macron that he will withdraw his country’s 5,000 troops, which have been in Mali since 2013, as over the past nine years, the French presence has become increasingly undesirable to the Malian government and people.

The old and new racists in the European political system continue to violate the values ​​also stipulated in the treaties of the European Union, and Europe must be aware that this authoritarianism and arrogance only means continuing the path of crime. And the racism that the world stands against.

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